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Product Info:
Porcini Mushrooms (Boletus Edulis) are a very popular Mushroom throughout Europe and the United States. Porcini has a strong flavor with subtle undertones. The flavor can be almost addicting. Dried Porcini are very economical as the flavor is very concentrated. Porcini is graded by size, color, aroma, and variety. Porcini Powder is 100 pure with a rich, earthy, robust flavor.

Suggested Use:
Use Porcini Powder in soups, sauces, stuffings and stews. Try it as a rub for meats or poultry before cooking. It adds a wonderfully rich to flavor to gravies, fresh pasta and casseroles.

Organic Porcini Mushrooms.

Basic Preparations:
Porcini powder works as a spice and is ready to use. Rub directly onto meats or add to soups, sauces, or stocks for flavor.
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