Whole Dried Mushrooms

Dried Whole Mushrooms

Dried whole mushrooms offer a full range of mushroom flavors, from robust porcini to aromatic shiitakes and from elegant morels to exotic chanterelles.

Winter Soups

Stay Warm with Soup

Warm up with this recipe full of sunny, spicy flavors. Bright sun-dried tomatoes and fragrant marash chile flakes season a hearty stock studded with couscous and ras el hanout-spiced chicken meatballs.

About Woodland Foods

About Woodland Foods

For more than 25 years we’ve traveled the world over to find the finest natural foods to share with our customers. Learn how our passion for ingredients has put us in the unique position to meet the ever-changing needs of food manufacturing, foodservice and retail food businesses.

Heirloom Beans

Truffle Oil

A terrific gift, or another staple to add to your pantry, D'allesandro Truffle Oil is imported from France and provides a cook with the ability to add the dynamic and elegant flavor of truffle to any dish.